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We lay the foundations for your sales growth and brand awareness so that you can expect results to keep coming. 
These 3 Components Are What Drives Our Growth Engine
Paid Advertising
Being an omnipresent brand is the most powerful way to get people to know who you are and what you do. But being omnipresent to everyone is expensive, and out of reach for most business owners. Instead, we employ a strategy to be omnipresent to your target customers. We do this by retargeting people based on their interactions with your business. For example, we will retarget people based on their interest in specific products or services. 

Sales Funnel
That Converts Customers
A sales funnel is a website that is designed to walk your customers through each step of the buying process. Each page of the funnel is focused on a single call-to-action such as going to the next page, filling out a form, or making a purchase. Every action should bring leads closer to making a purchase by building interest and collecting lead information. 

Re-Engaging with
Lead Management (CRM)
CRMs, aka customer relationship management apps are magical in nature. They allow us to track and segment your leads based on how they interact with your brand online. We work with a variety of CRM tools that can do this including Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and Shopify. The CRM we choose to manage your leads and customers will depend on the size of your audience and the nature of your business.

Now Let's Break Down Exactly What We Do...
Paid Advertising
You Can Expect
  •  Identifying your target audience on Facebook based on demographics, psychographics, behaviour, and customer lists. 
  •  Retargeting campaign to guide leads through your sales funnel and establish omnipresence in their world.  
  •  Split-testing copy, creative ads, and audiences every month to optimize traffic quality for conversions. 
  •  Facebook and Google audience management integrated with your CRM. 
  •  Facebook Pixel and Google snippet setup on your sales funnel. 
A Converting
Sales Funnel
Exactly What You Can Expect
  •  A custom sales funnel that is designed to capture leads and drive sales
  •  Retargeting cookies on Facebook and Google to remarket to lost leads
  •  Integration with our lead management system to send personalized emails to leads 
  •  Mobile-optimized web pages with design and copy that reflects your brand 
  •  Ongoing split-testing and performance tracking to optimize for conversions. 

Re-engaging using
Lead Management (CRM)
Exactly What You Can Expect
  •  Real-time notifications and daily reporting to track and follow-up with new leads
  •  Email marketing automation to tell your brand story and follow-up on lost leads
  •  Lead scoring to help you track your hottest leads  

Amanda Palafox says:

"They are the best! Elias and Dez run a very customer centric business. They have a great team of people who are at the top of their game."

Taniesha Williams says:

"I appreciate the knowledge and professionalism Elias offers. Real life story only a matter of days after his consultation I was completely booked!! He provides deliverables that you can actually achieve and for close to zero dollars to accomplish!! Thank you for your service!! You have a true gift!"
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