Gain Financial Wealth
Helping you Unlock financial freedom
Why Financial Wealth 
Is Important
Brent Buffone is on a mission to help the people he works with achieve the financial freedom to live better livelihoods. Here at On Track To Goals, you can expect resources dedicated to your financial success.

Let's get started with one of the foundations to proper finance management: organizing budgets. Are you properly managing your budget? Here is a model you can use to divide your monthly budget:

Personalized Budget Breakdown. 
The figures below are based on your income.
  •  10% Pay Yourself First
    Savings (Emergencies, & Short & Long term Goals)
  • 20% Pay Down Debt
    List your creditors and pay them each a portion of the 20%
  •  70% Live on
    Dedicate 50% of your income your needs and 20% to your wants.

What Would Happen?
If something happened to you, the last thing your family should have to worry about is financial burdens. Funeral expenses, medical bills and taxes could be just the beginning. 
How would they cover ongoing living expenses such as mortgage, utilities, and healthcare? 
The advantages of 
Term & Whole Life Insurance
  •   Level death benefit.
  •  Lower cost option compared with cash value insurance. 
  •  Coverage for specified periods of time, which can be during high-need years.
  •  Benefit for the beneficiary that is typically free from income tax. 
Benefits and features
  •   Guanranteed premiums do not increase during the term.
  •  Coverage is guaranteed renewable to age 95 as long as premiums are paid when due.
  •  You can convert it to cash value insurance.
  •  Portability allows you to take it with you if you change jobs or retire.
  •  An accelerated death benefit is included. 
  •   Cash value policy conversion
  •  Accelerated death benefit
  •  Spouse coverage options
  •  Dependent coverage
  •  Waiver of premium benefit rider
  •  Accidental death benefit rider
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